LPIPL Vision

Lead Indian Industries to International Excellence.

LPIPL Mission

To develop Indian Industries to International Standards with a strategic thinking and understanding of the big picture of changing Indian Economic Policies on International Trade & Investments. (Foreign Direct Investment in Indian Retail Sector)

LPIPL Objectives

Products: Promote Indian Products to International Market and Vice Versa.

Services:Develop Indian Industries/Standards to Modern International Standards. Incorporate Indian Traditional Practices into International Standards.

LPIPL Background

The origin of “LEAD Process India Pvt Ltd” a Business Lead Management Company has rooted to Oct 2008, its conceptual inception of “Process India” as ISO Consultants, Mr.Viji Babu & his team who were blessed by their Business Guru Mr. N.S. Ganesh Shastri, the MD of NQA Certifications Pvt Ltd., India.

Time Line

Yr. 2008 – Conceptual Inception of Process India by Mr.Viji Babu as Freelance Associate of ISO Training/Auditing to the Clients of NQA India Operations in and around South India & Muscat.

Yr. 2009 – Quest Certification Pvt Ltd welcomes Freelance Associates of ISO Audits for their Clients.

Yr. 2010 – United Management Certification Services Pvt Ltd welcomes Freelance Associates of ISO Audits for their Clients.

Yr. 2011 – IQ Management Consultants welcomes Freelance Associate for training & implementation of Quality & Food Safety Certification Standards.

Yr. 2012 – Conceptual Marketing of Indian Food Sourcing Program for International Companies.

Yr. 2013 - First Food Export Contract secured from UK Processer for Indian Manufacturer and Viji Babu registered as Member of British Business Group and held Directorship at JDS Food Products Pvt Ltd.

Yr. 2014 – Formally Incorporated as LEAD Process India Pvt Ltd & website www.processindia.com launched.

Yr. 2015 – Formally Recognized as Export Facilitating Agent by UK Customers.

Yr. 2016 – Conceptual Inception of "KIRANYA" brand & website www.kiranya.in launched.

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